Post image for Ban on Gay Marriage back on trial Monday Dec. 6 in SF

Lower Court Found California’s Prop 8 Unconstitutional. Do the Prop 8 proponents have legal standing to challenge the lower-court ruling?

Stay tuned. Could hear ruling as early as January. Read today’s article in the Wall Street Journal

Post image for Go Giants!  Ketubah signing at Giants Stadium in San Francisco

In front of the Willie Mays bronze statue, under full moonlight, we held a ketubah signing at AT&T Park in San Francisco, a Jewish pre-nuptial wedding ritual, for a ‘Giants fan’ couple. A stadium style rehearsal reception, complete with mini burgers and dogs, pitcher’s of beer and  a tour of the stadium.

SAN FRANCISCO — Two judges appointed by Democratic presidents and one named by a Republican will decide if a San Francisco trial judge improperly struck down California’s same-sex marriage ban, a federal appeals court announced Monday.

Post image for Chelsea & Mark’s Jewish Interfaith Wedding

Mazel Tov to Chelsea and Mark who married today in a co-officiated wedding ceremony. Their interfaith ceremony was conducted by Rabbi James Ponet and the Reverend William Shillady. Ms. Clinton is Methodist, and Mr. Mezvinsky is Jewish.

The ceremony included elements from both traditions: friends and family reading the Seven Blessings, which are typically recited at traditional Jewish weddings following the vows and exchange of rings. A friend of the couple read the poem “The Life That I Have” by Leo Marks. For more on the story