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About The Network

Jewish Interfaith Network is a resource for unaffiliated and culturally Jewish, Interfaith and Intercultural couples. With over ten years experience, we’ve selected the best wedding professionals who are sensitive to the needs of our couples and their families to ensure a  welcoming, authentic and joyous celebration.

We’ve spent the last 8 years designing over 350 weddings, ceremonies, and rituals . We guide you through the entire process, step by step, leaving no detail overlooked.

It is our belief that many paths lead to the One Source called by many different names including God, Higher Power, Inner Guide and the Creative Source of Inspiration.

Our Mission

It is our goal to create a Jewish, interfaith and intercultural wedding planning- model for the 21st century, which is both modern and reflective of ancient marriage traditions and customs. According to a 2001 survey, 1/3 of all new marriages now taking place in the U.S. are inter-marriages – that is interfaith, intercultural or interracial in nature.

We use custom ceremony design as a means to inspire and to create new traditions based on ancient teachings and practices. Our approach comes from a historical, modern and collaborative point of view to create weddings, ceremonies and celebrations that honor both families.

Yehudit Steinberg
Founder/Wedding Consultant


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