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Rabbi Gershon Steinberg-Caudill

Jewish and Interfaith Rabbi for your wedding

Rabbi Gershon specializes in performing Jewish, Interfaith, Intercultural and same-sex wedding ceremonies with an open and warm-hearted approach. His ability to make everyone from both traditions feel comfortable, honored and respected puts the couple and their guests at ease. He does not require any pre-conditions and truly loves working with couples from diverse backgrounds. Since mid 1990’s, Rabbi Gershon has been serving the unaffiliated Jewish community throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, Napa and Sonoma. He travels throughout California, Western Region of North America [U.S.,Canada] and Mexico.

Rabbi Gershon is different than most other rabbis:

  • Open and accepting of all traditions, seeing them all as equal paths.
  • Flexible in your ceremony contents. He says “It’s your wedding, make the ceremony the way you want it”.
  • Works together with co-officiants with respect to the other tradition. The ceremonies are balanced, harmonious and honor both traditions.
  • Specializes in performing Saturday weddings, any time of day.

In addition, he maintains an ”Ask A Rabbi” teaching hundreds of students, around the globe Jewish Ethics, Torah and Basic Judaism, from a compassionate universalist viewpoint. His writings appear on numerous websites throughout the internet including He has a very active following on Facebook, delivering Jewish and Interfaith teachings daily.

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