Frequently Asked Questions

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We hope to answer most of your general questions in our faq section, but if you still have a query, please fill out the form at the bottom of the page. You are also welcome to call us at (415) 415-505-1169, Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pacific Time.

1. What is the Jewish Interfaith Wedding Network?

JIWN is a resource network of wedding professionals that are sensitive to Jewish, interfaith, and intercultural couples and their families. We differ from other planners because our focus has been solely with couples in this genre for the past ten years. We work as a team to design and plan your wedding with the intention of bringing about a balanced and inclusive experience, where everyone feels comfortable and welcome. We are very respectful of both family traditions and incorporate that all through the wedding day; from ceremony to reception. All of the members of our network understand the design and planning nuances of this specific niche.

2. What services do we offer?

We offer services in all areas of planning your wedding including concept design, planning and officiating. The Network’s wedding specialists are vendors and venues we have worked with in the past. They meet our high standards of performance and are invited to join the network on an invitation basis. This differs from most other wedding websites that are based on advertising dollars. We recommend only the highest quality professionals including floral design and prop rentals, chuppah and ritual tables, invitations and programs, restaurants and wedding venues and all the different wedding professionals you need to plan a wedding.

3. What special planning tools do we offer?

In January 2012, we created a curated collection of Pinterest boards, with many wedding design ideas. This is updated daily with new content. It is an excellent planning tool, especially when you are not really sure what you want. Among some of our most popular collections are ideas for chuppahs, ketubahs and floral designs.

For the past two years, all of our clients have access to a private permission-based ceremony planning website with samples of our custom ceremonies, ceremony planning rituals, vows and readings and much more. Most of our content has been written over the past ten years of working with our couples.

Starting Spring 2012, we’ll be updating our JIWN wedding blog on a regular basis with articles to help you plan all aspects of your wedding. We suggest you join our newsletter to keep updated with the new offerings to connect and discuss your wedding with us and each other through our social network activities.

4. How do you find an interfaith Ketubah?

We can direct you to our curated modern ketubah collection, where we deal with the artists directly. There are a couple ketubah sites that we recommend, that have been great to work with many times.

5.What types of chuppah do you rent?

We have both handheld and freestanding Chuppah collection, providing setup and delivery. Our handheld chuppahs are available to couples we are officiating and/or planning their wedding. The freestanding chuppah is available for rent to the public. Contact us for our 2012 collection.

6. What is Custom Ceremony Design?

Custom ceremony design is a wedding planning service that focuses on creating a one-of-a-kind ceremony. We use custom ceremony design as a means to inspire and create new traditions based on ancient teachings and practices with a modern viewpoint. Our approach is historical, collaborative and cultural.

Because of the complexities of interfaith and intercultural ceremonies, an out of the box solution usually doesn’t work. Couples become overwhelmed and are not sure how to proceed. This is where our custom ceremony design can help.

We start with understanding your vision and concerns. From there we focus on the ritual and design aesthetics [location, seating arrangements and overall decor concept] to create a meaningful and powerful ceremony. We assist you in creating your custom ceremony script, selecting your officiant[s] and preparing the logistics of your ceremony. Marriage license advisement and gathering ritual props are part of our service.

7. Who designs JIWN’s ceremonies

Our expert ceremony designer and wedding consultant, Yehudit Steinberg M.Ed. has spent the last ten years planning and writing Jewish, interfaith and intercultural wedding ceremonies. She has accumulated an extensive resource of wedding customs of many different cultures and religions from around the world. Currently, she is adding this library archive to JIWN’s online private planning site available exclusively to our members.

8. Why have a custom ceremony?

Interfaith couples have an added responsibility to their overall planning because it is very difficult for an interfaith or intercultural couple to use a pre-written ceremony. They’re ceremonies require a custom approach. This is where our custom ceremony design can help. We help eleviate the overwhelm many interfaith or intercultural couples experience by guiding you through the appropriate design steps.

9. When is it suggested to have a custom design service?

If you are having a co-officiated, two or more cultures with one ceremony, additional pre and post wedding rituals [Chinese Tea Ceremony], interfaith wedding ceremony with more than 2 attendants each and you don’t have a wedding coordinator, then the custom ceremony design service is for you. If you are having a destination wedding two hours or more away from San Francisco, then we suggest the custom ceremony. [airfare and overnight business class hotel accommodations, if required, are additional]